Thursday, 18 May 2017

New Paintings at Rock Institute: May 26th - June 4th 2017


News of some forthcoming events....


I will be exhibiting at Rock again this year and look forward to welcoming you to my show.

                             An Exhibition of New Paintings  

                                        Rock Institute

                                           PL27 6LQ                           

                        Friday May 26th - Sunday June 4th

                                       10 am - 5.30pm

Further west, I'm also part of this show: 


                            the Crypt Gallery                                                                                                              

                             Mariners Gallery                                                  

                                    ST. IVES                      

       SATURDAY MAY 20TH - FRIDAY MAY 26TH                                                           

                                10am - 5pm


A further chance to hear Pete and myself as                     

                       PENHALE & FLASKETT

                            at Karringtons Cafe


                    Saturday May 20th, from 8pm

and then I'm also playing with 

                           the Gumbo Flyers

                               Clease Hall 


                      Saturday June 3rd, from 8pm


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Xmas Show at Riverbank Gallery & Yuletide gigs....

Art for Christmas Show at Riverbank Gallery, Newlyn

Thursday Nov 24th - Saturday Jan 7th

This show, featuring my own work alongside gallery artists' paintings, prints and mounted work, as well as ceramics, jewellery, metal work and greetings cards -  
opens this Thursday at 6pm - Christmas cake & seasonal refreshments!

Up-coming Gigs for Yuletide: 

                     Penhale & Flaskett 

                                    play the Sunday Session


                       The Red Lion

                    St. Kew Highway

                Sunday November 27th



                THE GUMBO FLYERS                   THE RED LION            ST. COLUMB MAJOR     SATURDAY DECEMBER 10TH                             9PM


                        Penhale & Flaskett

                     Private Birthday Party at Callington Social Club

                                     Saturday December 17th


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

'Foy-Boy's' New Show at Rock: MAY 27TH - JUNE 5TH


'FOY-BOY HAS NEW HARBOUR SHOW AT ROCK' - 'Cornish Guardian' (Weds. May 25th).

My next Rock Show is about to open, so hopefully lots of friends and supporters will make it down to the Institute to say hello......
Here are the details:

                                                   DAVID PENHALE
                                             EXHIBITION OF
                                            NEW PAINTINGS                 
                                        ROCK INSTITUTE
              FRIDAY MAY 27TH - SUNDAY JUNE 5TH
                     OPEN DAILY 10AM - 5. 30PM
                          'Meet the Artist' - Sunday May 29th - 3pm onwards....

As usual, there'll be about 50 paintings on view, including the new harbour works, seascapes, still-lives and 'Cornish Window' pictures.


                               Penhale &  Flaskett are playing the 
                       'Blues and Americana Festival'
                               Bradninch, Devon
                                 The Castle Inn
                            Saturday June 11th 
                              starting at 5pm.

Maybe see you there....

Thursday, 24 March 2016

                                              SPRING EXHIBITION 
                      Elaine Turnbull & David Penhale
                             RIVERBANK GALLERY 
                                                 1 THE STRAND  
                          MARCH 24TH - APRIL 9TH
                           MONDAY  -  SATURDAY 10AM - 4PM
                                                           01736 362964

                         Special opening event on 
               Saturday MARCH 26TH  5PM - 8PM
                           wine & Easter biscuits

I've been invited to play some of my songs and read my poetry,
and this will happen at 6pm and 7pm.
All welcome! 

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Into the New.....

Into the New.....
It'll be clear to any blog-followers that I've been away from this site for a while!
For that, my sincere apologies.

Since last posting, many miles have been travelled, songs played, and paintings and poems shared; from Kernow to Wales and through England - and even, last June, to Sicily (which is a kind of 'off-Italy';
Italian-greco, but also so much more deeply Mediterranean, existing for millennia at the cross-roads of national/ethnic currents, an island full of wonderfully beautiful, fading grandeur & populated by a fiercely proud, but friendly, people - living beneath an active volcano! Returning is necessary - one visit is hardly enough).

Several poems found favour in competition in 2015 - notably with the Fire River Poets in Taunton, who invited me to a reading where I met their poetry judge, Lawrence Sail; and with the Charles Causley Festival in Launceston, judged by Alyson Hallett.
Also the Poetry Society (Les Robinson) liked another poem enough to publish it on their web-site & have it read out at a local poetry-day jamboree in the Royal Festival Hall.
I'll post these poems on the Writing link on my web-site, for anyone interested in reading them.
Currently I'm working on groups of new poems for various magazines - necessarily an on-going process....but being acknowledged by other really good poets is quite a boost.

Last September, my good friends Pepe & Daphne Turner were genorous enough to invite me to show at their new gallery in Newlyn.
Called the RIVERBANK GALLERY, it's situated by the bridge in the heart of the town.
It's really Pepe's brain-child, and after an encouraging autumn & winter season, he's now re-vamping prior to the Spring - when I've been asked to be one half of a two-person show at Easter!
And they would like me to play/read at the opening...this will be in late March,
so watch this space for details of the dates.
The Penwith Gallery, St. Ives, chose my work for their Christmas Show again which was pleasing, (but Pepe beat them in sales of my work).
Elsewhere, I have fresh work with Paul Longthorne at Market House Gallery, Marazion, & its sister gallery, the Fernlea, St.Ives, as well as with Sarah Stoten at the Stour Gallery in Shipston-on-Stour.
Also coming-up in 2016:
I plan to show again at the Rock Institute at Whitsun: dates to be announced.

All of which means I have much work to do, in order to fulfill people's faith in me!

Before Christmas, Pete & I performed at a number of private parties which were great fun.
We look forward to more this coming year!
With the Gumbo Flyers we also played a rather storming set at the Red Lion in St. Columb for their 'Xmas do'. Praise is due to Samantha, the landlady, for organising.
We also look forward to playing in April at Simon (sometime heavy-duty Gumbo roadie!) and Carly's Wedding at Bedruthan Steps Hotel.
Should be one for the scrap-book.....

As I write, I'm feeling a lot of sorrow at the passing of David Bowie.
(Ironically in passing, 'Sorrow' was a big hit for him too).
His career was quite extraordinary, and we shan't see his like again.
While he was eleven months older than me, so many of us of that generation explored blues, folk, soul, dance, theatre, performance - but he took it ALL to such a high-level of extravagant, powerful and persuasive completion.
The telly is currently looping everyone's favourite bits of his work - and there was so much!
One of his final statements on 'Blackstar', 'Lazarus', shows us someone still creating full-tilt, in spite of a fading power-pack, & still 'kicking against the pricks'; we watch mesmerised/appalled/moved; it's like charting the trail of a comet as it burns out across the sky.
As has been spotted, Dennis Potter found deep resonance in the same symbolic persona with his final plays for television, where a writer's brain is wired-up so that he can speak from beyond death.
Bowie, however, short-circuited the operation and, as ever, instinctively got his message in first.
Like all great artists, his legacy will live on for generations to come.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Spring Up-date: April 2015

                      Spring News - 2015

The west wind rattles the rafters, white clouds tear across a brilliant blue sky & daffodils nod vigorously in the hedgerows. Temperatures steadily on the rise?
Spring is on its way at last!

To celebrate, Pete and I have dusted off our old acoustic guitars & we'll be venturing out to play another local gig this weekend.


                                Penhale & Flaskett 
                                 ST. KEW INN
                                Saturday April 4th
                                     Free entry

Courtesy of Mike and Sarah, we enjoyed a great evening at this wonderful old pub in February, when we played a wide range of songs to a great audience, gathered especially for St. Valentine's.
This weekend we'll feature more original material, along with fresh re-workings of old folk, blues and country tunes. Pete's even threatened to bring his mandolin, so anything might happen!

Also something to look-out for on you-tube:
a video of Pete & myself playing 'Catch That Train' at Pete's house down in Bridge, St. Columb.
We recorded three tunes by his fire-side, back in the heart of winter, and this is the first to be ready.
Filmed and edited by Hana Backland (my step-daughter and film-maker extraordinaire!) it's about to be posted on you-tube with a link to this web-site.

Here are the dates of my new 2015 Whitsun show:
            New Paintings & Constructions
                    Rock Village Institute
      Friday May 22nd - Sunday May 31st
                    10.00am - 5.30pm
                      'Meet the artist'
        Sunday May 24th   3.00pm - 6.00pm

With two months to go before this new show opens, I'm busy preparing the new work, focusing primarily on a sequence of mid-to-large-scale paintings.
This time I also plan to include some constructions.
These are essentially multi-media 3-D assemblages, made mainly of wood - flotsam&  jetsam - materials I've gleaned from shore-line and moorland, which I've then shaped and coloured. They necessarily inter-link with the shapes and colours in the paintings.


Following the successful launch of 'Wave Hub', the new anthology of poetry from Cornwall,
I've taken part in a couple of group readings, the most recent in 'The Edge of the World Bookshop'
in Penzance in February.
The anthology, which includes fourteen of my poems, is available from all good bookshops and the details are as follows:
                              'Wave Hub'
                    New Poetry from Cornwall 
                           (edited by Alan M. Kent)
                                        Francis Boutle Publishers

Meanwhile, I had several poems short-listed recently for the Charles Causley Poetry Prize &
my 'Cornish Lexicon' collection continues to grow.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Painting News:

A selection of my work can currently be seen at
                MARKET HOUSE GALLERY
                Market Place
               TR17 0AR
               FERNLEA GALLERY
               Fernlea Terrace (near the bus station)
               St. Ives
               TR26 2BH

Both galleries feature top-quality Cornish fine art and ceramics, so I am delighted Gallery Director,  Paul Longthorne, has agreed to show my work.

Writing News:
A selection of my poems has been been chosen for inclusion in a new anthology of contemporary Cornish Poetry.
Entitled 'WAVE HUB' and edited by writer and academic, Dr. Alan M. Kent - it will be published by Francis Boutle later in the year.
I'll post availability details in due course....

Music News: 
Following the recent youtube posting of my original version of 'Coming Up to Grass' from Red Hand Caves, NSW, my son is currently producing new versions of both 'Catch That Train' and 'Stamping Ground' at his recording studio in Sydney.
When I was out there in April, I left bare-bones guitar and vocal versions for him to develop -
he's now adding wonderfully luminous, post-industrial aussie sounds.
We hope to post it all when it's fit to fly......